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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned Professionally?

Is your carpet giving you a tough time? Have you used your vacuum so often without seeing an improvement that you're left wondering how often should you clean your carpets? Kudos, you're in the right place.

Your carpet makes up a crucial part of your home and also serves several purposes within your space. For one thing, it is the biggest recipient of dust, dirt, and allergens floating in the atmosphere around your home. When not cleaned as often as necessary, your carpets can quickly lose their brilliance and allure, develop an odor, and become a nuisance in your space. Do not forget they can also become a breeding ground for disease-causing substances. So, how often should you do some cleaning for your carpets?

Basically, you should vacuum your carpet every day or every other day. However, the frequency at which you should have expert hands clean your carpets depends on many factors. These factors include:

Carpets with Heavy or Light Traffic

The traffic conditions around your carpet play a crucial role in determining how often it should receive professional attention. Think about how often it is trodden upon, whether or not you wear shoes on it, and its proximity to an outdoor area.

If your carpet endures heavy traffic, or it happens to be very close to your porch or backyard, you may need the experts to come in every month. Once in two months may also work if there aren't a host of other conditions around your carpet that are screaming out to carpet cleaning experts.

However, if you've got anything from moderate to very light traffic on your carpet, it won't be wrong to have the cleaners come in once in 6 to 12 months.

The Type and Fiber of the Carpet

Light-colored carpets will need to be cleaned more often than their dark-colored counterparts. They can't seem to hide stains and dirt, as darker colors do. Hence, waiting for more than 3 months to professionally clean your light-colored carpets may not be a perfect decision to make. You don't want your home looking like a dump!

Also, for example, polyester carpets will need more frequent (say once every 2 months) professional attention. This frequency is because restoration becomes impossible once they flatten and become matted in high-traffic areas. Carpets made from nylon, on the other hand, will maintain their bounce and shine, even if you get the professional treatment every 6 months. Wool and cotton are pretty absorbent and will trap dirt faster than most other carpet types. This means they deserve to be thoroughly cleaned at least once every 3 months.

carpet cleaning service carpet cleaning service

Whether or Not You Have Kids and Pets

When you have kids, there are two primary reasons your carpet should get a regular dose of a professional cleaner's treatment. First, your kids (especially toddlers) will get all kinds of stains on the carpet (mud, juices, puke, oil, and a smear of all sorts of things). This means your carpet will get dirty faster and need the cleaning experts to visit more often.

Secondly, carpet that is left to accumulate dust and dirt can quickly become unsafe for your child. Your babies can get sick or develop allergies when they play on carpets that are not professionally cleaned as often as necessary.

If you do have a pet who has a thing for outdoors, then you sure must have dealt with having them stroll in from the rain and leaving muddy paw prints behind them. Do not forget that pets can also leave fur prints around your home, creating room for allergens.

Hence, if you've got a child or a pet, you might want to consider telephoning the experts once every two or three months. While this may require a demanding financial commitment from you, it is a better bargain than hospitalizing your child.

The Season of the Year

During summer, the weather is mostly hot and dry. You'll have more dust and allergens in the air and they will also get trapped in your carpet. Consequently, the professional cleaners may need to stop by more frequently. You may not need to worry so much about professional carpet cleaning in the colder months. Still, high humidity may not let you be. Especially during the rainy season, your carpets can trap atmospheric moisture too - or even water from leaks. Water plus dirt, dust, and allergen? Never a pleasant combination.

Hence, in the colder or wetter months, you'll need professional help to keep your carpets dry (and clean). Once every 7 or 8 months is definitely not a bad idea.

Are you dealing with an allergy?

Your carpet is likely the most significant allergen and dust bank around your living space. So, if you or your family members suffer any kind of allergies, you may want to keep the immune trigger sources down by cleaning your carpets more often. And professionally cleaning is the best way to truly get rid of allergens.

Ideally, if you have any allergies, it would make a lot of sense to have professional cleaners clean your carpets at least once every 2 or 3 months. This way, the build-up will be minimal, and you, healthier.


Owning and using a vacuum cleaner will do your carpets a lot of good. However, getting professional carpet cleaners - and at the right time - will be best for you, your carpet, and your family.

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